Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Club Coaching Times Update

Juvenile Training:
Our Juvenile Training will commence outdoors on Tuesday 5th April starting at 6pm. For Juveniles born 2002 to 2008
€2 per session at GAA Grounds Farranfore 
This will be in preparation for the County Track & Field Championships on May 7th & 8th. 
All those participating need to be registered with the club. €25 for annual membership. This is required for insurance purposes and to be eligible to take part in athletic competitions.
Application forms and option to register on-line is available HERE

Junior & Senior Training
Cardiorespiratory, Strength, Endurance & Flexibility Exercise Class will return on Tuesday 5th April @7pm. The programme is designed to improve all the components of fitness that constitute physical fitness of an individual. €5 per session. Coached by Maria McCarthy

Junior & Senior Speed / Endurance training Thursday will return on March 31st @ 6:40pm in GAA Grounds Farranfore. €2 club member, €4 non club member. Coached by Maria McCarthy