Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Maria's Strength, Endurance & Flexibility Session..Jan 12th 2016

Our Indoor Cardiorespiratory, Strength, Endurance & Flexibility Exercise session will commence on Tuesday 12th January 2016 @ 7pm at the Sports Hall in Farranfore.

The session will consist of a program developed by World Masters medalist, Maria McCarthy, who has a National level 4 qualification in exercise health studies & personal training and a Level 2 National Athletics Ireland coach.

This is held indoors and is an effective method of exercising that can be enjoyed by a variety of people. The programme is designed to improve all the components of fitness that constitute physical fitness of an individual. The most essential components for maintaining fitness for life and sport include:
- Cardiorespiratory Fitness
- Muscular Strength
- Muscular Endurance
- Flexibility

Being physically fit also contributes to our overall health and total fitness. Total fitness includes social, mental, emotional, nutritional and medical fitness. It protects you against cardiovascular disease, increases your bone density, lowers cholesterol, reduces blood pressure and improves sleep quality. As a general rule, engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiorespiratory activity each week.

Time: Tuesday nights @ 7pm.
Venue: Sports Hall Farranfore.
Session fee: Pay as You Go €5